The issue of bleaching amongst Ghanaian female celebrities has inundated the media front in recent times with one actress or TV personality being accused of altering their skin colour every day.

One popular actress who was one of the first celebrities to be indicted for bleaching is pascaline Edwards.

Edwards took a lot of backlash from fans and industry observers when her released photos some years ago depicted some skin colour change.

In an exclusive interview with the actress, she denied ever bleaching and stated emphatically,
‘Bleaching is bad, but I am not ready to educate the stars who are into bleaching because they are mature enough to know that bleaching is bad’.

Asked if she will advise them against the act giving the opportunity she responded,
‘Hell no: I have other important business to do, so I can’t waste my time to go and research more about bleaching movie stars.’.

On whether shes aware and can mention some of the names of the various movie stars who bleach, she said that shes not in position to mention the name of any celebrity who bleaches, because every celebrity has his or her own reasons for doing what he or she does.

According to her , she has heard that some Ghanaian celebrities bleach for movie roles, but she doesn’t believe that statement, because shes fair and doesn’t get roles in recent times: so if indeed it’s true that celebrities who bleach does so because of movie roles she would have been getting more roles than she’s getting now


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