Stanley Ngara 36, from thika town in Nairobi, Kenya popularly known as King of Condoms is a programme officer with Liverpool VCT, Care and Treatment, he is known in Nairobi for popularizing the use of condoms.

Ngara and other health activists will promote the condom campaign as Kenya marks the International Condom Day (ICD) on Thursday, February 13, 2014, with free distribution of 1 million condoms in the city.

‘You know Valentines is about love and love is about sex. We must advocate for safer sex. We don’t want to hear about these infections again and regretful pregnancies come November 14’ he said
According to recent TV interview, he revealed that he distributes at least 1000 condoms per day and wants to break the records on Valentine’s Day by distributing 1 million free condoms.


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