To mitigate the negative impact of digital statistical illiteracy on the graduate students’ school progress and lecturers’ research activities …DIGITAL RESEARCH WORLD…offer research advice on methodology and guide graduate students/all researchers to use computer statistical packages (SPSS, E-view, Matlab, ingraph etc) to compute Reliability test, Descriptive statistics(Mean, Mode, Median, Frequency, Percentages, sd, Skweness, etc.; inferential statistics.

Datarmatics Integrated Services Limited (a.k.a Digital Research World) offers research advice on research report, methodology and guide graduate students to use advanced computer statistical packages (SPSS, E-view, Matlab, ingraph etc) to compute:

·       Reliability test: Cronbach Alpha, test-retest, Split-half, etc
·       Descriptive statistics: Mean, Mode, Median, etc
·       Parametric Inferential statistics: t-test, z-test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, posthoc test, Regression, Correlation etc
·       Nonparametric inferential statistics: Chi-square test, Manwhitey, Kruskal-walis, Komogrov etc on raw data.
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